by Alex Parker

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I heard that new Busta Rhymes/Eminem track and couldn’t leave it alone.

Y’all should really listen to this.

Then check out my Warm Colors EP.



Parker get to rumble
Shake a woman out her slumber
Knock a nigga out his sleep
Eyes wide open when an artiste speak
No phone, no Twitter, no IG
No flash, just feast
Scrape scrape, nigga nigga eat eat
AP snatch a soul out the body like
What more instrumental must I defeat?
Cuz nigga I will go ham until both lungs collapse

Snatch my soul out of heaven
I will come back to rap
Chill for a minute, smoke a blunt with my dad
Then come back to Earth and tear this rap game in half
Cuz I rap like the future, from studying the past
I'm transcendent
So you can meditate on my flow, you'll find center
You can spark an atomic bomb from small ember
With fuel I deliver, Alexander got octane
Del fuego and knowledge I'm a fountain
And I'm sprayin

So you get wet up
You get wet up
You get wet up too
Knowledge got you insighted
But you high off of the fumes
So we stumblin, quoting greats
And looking for the truth
Lighting blunts and catching fire
Mocking jays with missing tooths
And never worry, the hunger's there
Spit it and give you the whole set
Like Vicky's underwear
Niggas'd better protect they necks
Because I gun for there
One to the neck, one to the chest
I pummel like Banner
'Til ain't nothing left

I beat on the rhythm
Like beat on the chest
I'm an ape, King Kong
King Parker
Got Ann Darrow in my corner
She blonde, but her skin is caramel
And if I'm a wonder, she's a marvel
Mentality is poetry, Body game is apostle: A BLESSING
God blessed her body, and how she dress it
God blessed her soul and how she express it
Britt, God bless you for the connection
And God bless my chords, this flow is a blessing

It's King Parker, King Python
King Spitta
So think small, then think large
Then thing bigger
Cuz I tower more with every scripture that I deliver
And it was just October I could balance Kaiju on my finger
Ver-say-see, G-r-avy
Baby I been fresh up outta that do-rag wavy
Since eighteen
Even prior to puberty I was APE-ing
Shining harder than buddy off of the A-Team

And I pity the fool that assumes it true
That Parker knows defeat
Cuz fool when Parker is hongry
Parker's a hunter
Parker kills and eats
So be you a candle or the sun
What's your shine to a galaxy?
Dimmer in bightness, intelligence
And general vibrancy
Bitch I'm classic like Cali weed
Smoke up, pay attention
Flow so future, I can change my dimension
Flow so future, I can slow down time
Charm so strong, I can change yo mind

Niggas like
"AP, where the fuck you come from?"
I'm, from Cali where there's a girl I love more than the sunshine
By way of ATL where 'Kast and Luda redefined
And paved the landscape
Down which my lyrical whip comes flying
This is life after the traffic laws
This is Parker seeing rules
And Parker saying "Fuck 'em all"
I be on my j-o, If I fail then I fucking fall
Lotta people piss me off
Begrudgingly, I love 'em all

But cut my forward motion and they can all fuck off
I'm a grown-ass man, I got priorities
Rent and other bills to pay
Right after I destroy the beat
I'm too hot, you niggas cannot afford to sleep
You stuck on the norm, and I ain't for the sheep
So shear it, or keep it forward, G
Parker ain't got the time for ingenuity
Niggas today, they like to worry like it's a hobby
But my key to keeping ahead is never needing nobody




released July 8, 2014
Scoop Deville, Eminem, Marshall Mathers, Busta Rhymes, Trevor Smith



all rights reserved


Alex Parker Los Angeles, California

Alex Parker

I am hip-hop's idiot savant.

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