4th Dan (feat. Abib Jahleel)

by Alex Parker

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"A dan-ranked practitioner of a style is usually recognized as a martial artist who has surpassed the kyū, or basic, ranks. In many styles, however, achieving a dan rank means that, while one is no longer considered a beginner, one is not yet necessarily an expert."
-Alex Parker, and not Wikipedia
Don't check.


breaker breaker all
it's the breaker of the 4th wall
5th dimension citizen
6th sensitivitist
here to weave images
of tragedy and innocence
my wordsmithing natures
been a part of me since genesis
looking like i stepped out of a time machine
high i mean
in mindstate and salutation
greetings in green things
wrapped up in brown things
and white things and lighting
and bye cuz i'm high like, where clouds be
we ou-chee-er
kickin it
cool as shit
smooth water cooler shit
find another cooler than
you're a liar and a hooligan
disappear from view
before you make me get rude again
mama want her son to be a gentleman
but i judo kick the flow with
wu tang precision fury like a shuriken
no thinking it's just the nerd again
i'm more than him
my alter ego is a normal man
kevin's meant to represent kent
then you should all know what i am
and this is


released June 2, 2012
Produced by Bugseed



all rights reserved


Alex Parker Los Angeles, California

Alex Parker

I am hip-hop's idiot savant.

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